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 Album  - 1st /  forever  1997년 4월 24일



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01.   Prologue  

02.   Forever  

03.   아침 고은 햇살  

04.   Don't go baby  

05.   어둠 그리고 그림자  

06.   방황  

07.   널 보낸 지금  

08.   Main The Piano Solo

09.   Forever(BonusTrack)

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Produce & Recording Direction 강민

Management By 대박기획

Executive Producer 김정수

Design & Digital Composition Ad.Bank

Photo 김경태, 유은상

안재욱 Forever Recording Staff All Recording arrange 최태완

Mixing Engneer 최병철, 조은경, 박계원 in Choung Eum Studio

Recording engineer 조은경, 곽정신

Assistant engineer 이동녁

Mastred At Choung Eum Studio Mastering Engneer 최영철, 이윤경

All Section Guitar 유태준

All Section Piano 최태완

All Section Bass 이태윤

All Section Drum 김선중

All Section Chorus 최정연


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