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[English Magazine?] The Musical ,2010-09


The beauty of no hesitation - actor in perfect

balance Unpaved candidness, fairness,

airness, conviction and frankness

This is the face of AJW



It is basic thing that actor should memorize the scenario.

" Let's guess that it was very difficult to memorize 30 pages of scenario."

" It can not be excused that it is difficult because of too many words

and sentences.

When I was junior at college, I carried out alone three-hour play. Memorizing is the basic thing.  Memorizing the scenario of actor is basic things as the same as reporters carry the recorder and

notebook for the interview. The thing that is difficult is how to cook the

scenario with better taste."

(Savie 2003.7)

If I did the performances only... let's me see.... would be less happier than now.

" There is different charm and joy from act.  Something like the feeling of independent that I can move as I want.  I become drunken by myself in concert.

Nobody says nothing about that I sing more songs than originally scheduled as I got excited for singing.

The catharsis  that I got from that is my spiritual rest.  And it can be

also very voluntary fan service. If I did only the act, well.... would be

less happier than now.

And there would be no conviction that I would be better actor than

now, either. But Being a singer, I could feel myself that I express the

detailed feeling and various feeling come  outside of myself.

(http://woman.patzzi.com 2003.7)  



Eager for the actor...... fatal attraction

" I just simple grown up vaguely with a thinking of becoming a actor.  When I was a little kid, probably from the grade school, some kind of strong belief seized me that I would be a actor in

front of many people someday, even though I was not moved by

any kind of related things.  Then I found myself an actor and

thought to myself that destiny of the man shall be led by something very strongly attracted .........

(sbs  magazine)


Thing that I can like about myself

" It would be better to have the popularity, but I do not anxious about it.  That is what

I like about myself "

(http://news.hankooki.com 2003 6.1)



The fan is very precious people that give me the strength to stand back again

when I am exhausted.

All of my fans who watched me from my debut became already

adults. As I watched a little girl grows up, I feel that I am already here.  As time goes by, the things that I like turn into the things

that I don't like and vice versa.  But they never changed their mind

watching me with trustful eyes which I do not know how I

appreciate.  To shorten the distance between the fans and the star, I always tried to join them in summer camp and tried to be

familiar to them.  That is what I still try and will not change.

It is usually said that if the fans stay very close to the star, they will lose their fantasy about the star but I am not able to understand.  I think the real fan is the fan that can love the star no

matter how much humble, terrible and normal person in private life.

The fans who can not only shout to me with excitement but also become fall in love with my songs as well as give me the tip

about my performances would be the precious people who can

give me strength to stand back again when I am very much exhausted.  

Even if I become very old man without the sense of recognition, I really want to remember such my fans.  This is my real feeling

that I have now and forever.

(W.E.N.E.W.S 2003.5)


The act and song are my lifetime study.

"Would it be the jealousy against the talented man ?  As I mentioned that his music work would not be a good things to those people who

feel sorry about his being actor, he firmly answered  " I have never

neglected the act because of music and vice versa. Since I love both of them, I am prepared to study during my whole lifetime."




The good thing about being the star is the responsibility called  " be a good man "  gets stronger.

" The best thing is whatever it is the responsibility called " be a

good man " gets stronger.

The more love that I get from people, the stronger the responsibility

gets. It would be the same to any other pop stars. No matter

whether you are bad or good during school days, if you are in the

position to get the love from mass people, you can not but become very good man.  I like it ( laugh ) "  The man who likes himself becoming a good man.

The man who is pleased that he is in the situation that makes him a good man.  AJW.



Want to be a friend rather than an idol

He wants to be a friend rather than an idol. He is the man who tends to think that  " You should not be perfect so that some kind of spirit can come into yourself "

(Vogue 2003.2)




When the audience trust the emotion of the castings and feel about them, the act will be powered.

" The star is in my Heart " And closed young noble can not be a scamp in the ' Mom and Sister ".  It is great misunderstanding

that you think that good performance of bright role means

excellently talented and that of dark role means excellent actor. Somebody says that Han Seokyu is radio performer and some

say actor. When the audience are not fascinated by the

appearance, but trust the emotion of the castings and feel about

them, the act will be powered.  

" While being a famous person, what would be the most stupid attitude you think ?"

He sucked the cigarette very strongly. " Too many " Then when the cigarette got burned up to the filter part, he opened his mouth "

Many actors who become hypnotized by his appearance on TV

thinking they are the best.  The people who forget that they

become what they are now from many kinds of NGs.  Foolish

hero who believes that all of things have been done by him

alone........ "  The back side of the windy road that he

is supposed to face against as the chinese star, Respect of the life as a ordinary father...

His smile in his eyes bring out the deep truth from his natural lightness in his body.

(Vogue 2003.2) 


There are too many inside of me that I do not know about......

" Recently I got the feeling like that There are too many inside of me that I do not know about. What does control my life ?  The desire that

I want to know something about myself that I do not know and with

the questions of how much I will be able to know about myself before

over the age of 30, before the death.  

(ecole 2003.1)



Enjoy if you can not avoid it.

" If there is something that I am proud of myself, it would be that I try the best to enjoy and look for fun under any circumstances.  Frankly speaking, there is nothing I can do except the act.

That is why no regret about becoming a actor.  There was no other way.

So, if there is no other way, let's enjoy as much as possible.  Of course it took me great  difficulty to clear out all of complicated


(BAZAAR 2002.3)




The age of 30...... the party will get started

I have been expecting the age of 30.  It is the time that as a man, you can take your time to

look back the old days of you life and prepare the coming middle age’s time. If my

performance of age of 20s’ depends on guess and imagination, now I want to show my

Life-experiences melting performance.

Since 1994, I was said to be the simple real actor, but in 1997 by the drama “ The star in my

Heart “ brought me in the public popular star. Am I pointed out if I gave up my various talent ?

Well, that sounds luxurious to me. I do not know what it would mean to others, but for me each

and every casting is adventure and challenge.  Good or bad, since all of the dramas that I was

in got the rate more than 30 %, I try my very best to bring out everything from inside of me.  

(http://www.donga.com 2000.12.8) 


Something that only AJW could make……

There are always many gossips among people or actors if a certain drama become successful.

It would be the whooping lie that because the role was too good, the drama would be successful anyway no matter who took the role.

I really hate that kind of statement and I really feel sorry about the

people saying that as well.  That would have been possible only because it was him.

This is AJW’s philosophy.

(The swing 99.10)  




“ The color would be different depend on who acts.  It is the matter of width and depth of

performance.  Can anyone become a great star as he sing only Cho Yongphil’s song ?”

(http://www.donga.com 97.7.11)




The drama is not the documentary

 “ The drama that is only interesting, The drama that is interesting, too and others….. Naturally the former.

Because the drama is not the documentary and that is why interest is the first thing.

So, it is needed to pursuit the interest without showing any one simple scene of sadness.

(http://www.livingsens.co.kr  99.10) 




The lonely and empty person, complicated and two-sided act would be easy.

The man does not have only one character. He wants to be a actor whom nobody can understand but anyone can understand.  

He want to be remained as not ‘ AJW is great ‘ but image of the casting in the drama.

As mentioned about the criticism of unreality of drama that “ The star in my Heart “ feels

Like simple hearted cartoon, his opinion is firm. “ The collection of the images is the one

of the great function of TV.  The function of indirect satisfaction about something that did not

come true in reality but in TV can not be ignored.

 “ It is the same as the hero Terius of the cartoon “ Candy.  Sorry but I do not know about

‘Candy’  Since I think I should be an empty bowl in performance, I never read the original”

His point is, therefore even though the structure of the drama could be come from that, but his

act and Image is unique and different

(http://www.donga.com 97.3.24)

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