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[English Magazine?] The Musical ,2010-09


It is almost impossible to say about him by one expression.  

Smoothness and Simplicity, Warm and coldness, Sensitiveness and roughness,

Toughness and tenderness, melancholy and sunny, he has all the double-face from the end to end.  He comes

to people very closely with purity and he always try to penetrate the real life with candidness which put him in valuable side as much as in the dangerous situation, but this is the simple symbol of him.

AJW who can bring all of the people around him into the boundary of his power.   

Though sometimes he says he is not charismatic, that is that he does not know himself

very well or ...... too modesty.  

The man who can dominate the atmosphere even in the silence...... he is AJW.


His smile with the smile live in the eyes send the loving feelings to lead the soul to the brightness.......  

The core of his empty eye make sleepless soul wander around.....that could not embrace him.  

The expression of his eyes can even show the emptiness, truth and unselfishness of mind by watching the space.

If his eyes have his mind, they can express his talents variously.  

So, depend on the camera angle, the mind condition that his eyes can show can be cast with many different colors.


Long and slow moving his fingers can add the sensitivity and smoothness, the hands' fast moving shows the

toughness and roughness as well as coldness momentary.  

The hands moving is not simple physical movement, but the expression of the space art and bring the richness.


Something that we are not supposed to miss in his face which we can not define by one word is his lips.

His lips look thin and normal, but the movement of his lips when express the languages become even full of life,

especially for toughness…  Sexy, smoothness and strong will are on his lips.  

And the scenario by his lips through his husky voice add the real taste


Besides the above, his physical gesture of many other feelings can be the excellent  physical performance from

concentration of the role and imagination of real situation which AJW thinks the most important thing.


Kim Minseon : Fairy and Swindler

" He is really capable man. How can I say ..... " Free man against the camera "

It happens many times that I lost my act while watching AJW's act.  He always

show the careful concern to the others "

Lee Eunjoo : Heavenly  Garden

" I think there are two kinds of entertainer - one is real entertainer and the other is

the man whom I feel that this is real man.  I do not know if this is correct to say but

AJW is man with real man ......... He has the talent to lean the atmosphere in the

shooting place.....  He has the charisma that he made all the staffs on his side and take

care of all the people around so that people come to him first when something happened.

Cha Taehyun : Sun Flower

" I thought to myself that AJW should be my model...... while I did work with him.

I am not saying that I want to mimic his style, but I liked his candid human attitude.

He led the team very well as he was the hero.  And I thought to myself that I will

do the same as AJW when I become hero"

Choi JeewooShall we kiss ?

" AJW is really humorous and emotional man. He does everything.  Like all other

people. it becomes very interesting while you are talking to him "

Kim Jeongsoo : Writer

" AJW is talented actor "

Jang Yongwoo : Director

" The act is wide and much energy inside to bring out. We have many things in common "

Cho Sunhee : Photographer

" I met AJW two years ago for the catalogue photo.  Something unexpected was that he

was very shy against the camera, just simply smiling.....  like just simply standing and

embarrassed.  We had to stop the work because of some problems. We had lunch


with other staffs.... some drinks, too.  AJW and I are in the same age. And I do not

know if it was because of alcohol, but I asked him ' Can't you be more serious ?'

I am the person who can not have something in mind, but  come to think of it,

it might hurt him a bit. But AJW was different... He laughed out loud and said let's see

tomorrow......... Next day, he did excellent with NO NG.    Now ? he still smiles in

front of the camera "


Song Hojin : Reporter, Sports Today

" I could experienced the non-star personality of him while having drink with him till

the dawn.  It would not be enough to judge him by one-day meeting, but even though

I think that I have to write something good and bad about him, at least AJW on that day

was very modesty actor to me"

Cho Jaewon : Repoter, Sports Seoul

" The longer you talk to him, the more candid personality of him you can feel.  The man

that does not touch the maternal love, but has the enough mind to rely on is AJW "

" I had the feeling that the star AJW is the man of generosity and thoroughness. While he

has the clear criteria of life and act, he is very weak at emotion and cares about the

harmony "

Na Jeehyun : Reporter, Film 2.0

The people who think AJW is very arrogant by his first look would find themselves

laughing at every 10 seconds in talking with AJW.  He has many episodes any time, any

place and any where, and he has the ability to have the people listen to him carefully.

Paeng Yoonjoo : Reporter, Vogue

" AJW answered always very frankly to any questions. While watching him saying very

directly with rough manners, I got the feeling that he is the man with very strong will.

Direct speaking from strong must be the style of AJW. At least, I think, he must be

far from affectation and hypocrisy.  He looks arrogant, but comfortable.  He is full of

charisma that all of the air in the studio is going to him.  He is very cruel, but very

humorous "

Baek Meejeong : Reporter, Good Day

" He does not have the exaggerated  image covered by splendid advertising. Therefore,

his modesty image always gives you the feeling of intimacy.  AJW, his face always  turns

into red to the description of " best of Top Star " He knows how to differentiate the

official time and private  and he properly uses his talented ability at proper occasion.

He has rather conservative way of thinking but as much as on the stage, he was the man

with full of attraction in normal life."

Lee Byungyul : Poet

" Something different from others in AJW is that before talking about something that he

likes and dislikes, he divide them very clearly.  He never denies his feeling in from of his

favorite and vice versa and this is the way of his life.  Like 10 years ago, he will be the

same in 10 years.  He will try to be balanced on his spot...... this would be one of some

secret that make AJW the real actor." " I could see the plainness of him in his care

about the belief and love which you can not easily find from young people nowadays.

The actor who go his way with any selfishness, you can not easily find that kind of

people... that is why AJW got so much popularity of trust."


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