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[English Magazine?] The Musical ,2010-09


The strongest point about his performance is being natural.

‘ I am acting now ‘ - he simply does not let the people to find out it in himself.

His performance comes from the concentration of devotion to the work and imagination of comparison of the reality.

On the top of this, his talented wit make his performance even more natural.


He was very much different from each and every drama depend on the role he took and he always came to the

audience with the impression that not the same person took the different roles.

From the cold-blooded charisma to smooth and sweet sensitive and shy smile ..... all these reminds us of AJW


At show program on TV, he showed endless humor and aspect of childlike joker.

But without camera, sometimes he stays to be spirit wondering in the strange and cold loneliness.

And in the drama, strange person becomes just right HIM in his performance.

All those figures made him very mysterious and admirable.


His debut drama " The song of the blind bird " was the special drama about the human victory of postnatal blinded

man, Dr. Kang Youngwoo.  To perform the blinded man, he watched the movie " Fragrance of woman " starring Al

Pacino over and over again and spent some time in blind school with the people there.   

He is perfectly made as a cool blind young guy by himself , we can confirm to watch the drama.

Those are from his passion as an actor and his power from his school days , no wonder.

His performances made the people who did not know much about AJW believe that AJW was the real blind.

Like the human can express the music and poetry by what he listen and see, the bird would be the same.

But if the song can be sung like the song without being able to see nothing, it can be assumed how much his effort

was. Those kind of real expression was done by rookie AJW which showed his potential as a rookie. The excellent

performance in this drama brought him to the people as the rookie with perfect capability and the drama stayed as

the most important work to him.


In this drama, the Kim Wonjae was him who was the young man who was thrown into the world that complication

of the ideology and love in the generation of his parents in 60's.

In this drama, AJW carried out the excellent performance of the youth period, young man of the generation with

sadness of the time and fresh love story from much of distress.    

It made the drama get the better watch rating after 17th part when AJW appeared.  AJW's performance of Won Jae

with each and every facial express and deep concentration.


As the masterpiece of putting AJW on the world star, the drama was full of AJW's natural performance and facial

performance of sentiment and resistance.  After the beginning part, the expression of the agony of the man who has

the pain inside has shown the magic power that all the people become fond of AJW

In this drama, he showed us all of his power by combine many of facial expression for a nihilist's eye, the

resistance's eye, the ache's eye, the lovely eye and attractive narrations of husky voice to the his natural

performance ability.  Since his performance can be  delivered the same feeling in any places in the world, it can be

the reason that he has fans all over the world.   The most important meaning in this drama to AJW was that the this

drama was the turning point of stepping out from simple college student's role to real adult actor.  


Not like before, he was very comic and naught man in this drama. Though it was about  the dark side of the wealth,

since the production was based on comic concept, as AJW has the ability of the gag, AJW carried out the role of

fresh and comic hero Kang Joonho perfectly.  As he said he enjoyed making the drama very much, his brightness

has been shown excellently in this drama.


This is about the people fenced by the special situation called 'hospital'.  In well structured drama of ideal & reality

and love & hate that patient and doctors have, AJW has  completely changed to cold-blooded neurosurgeon who

has very painful heart.

His performance was excellent bright that he carried out the role of the doctor Jang Hyunwoo who tried his best to

realize his love and ideas as well as harmonize the pain  between the past and the present.  For the complete

performance of Hyunwoo, AJW was born again as the left-handed and his voice got very much attention in this


The worst point in this drama was his unusual fast speaking which means that he fascinated the people again and

born again as a man of loving and hugging.


In this drama, AJW perfectly showed the behavior of the man Jang Minsoo who lived for nothing as AJW has never

become completely the role of the drama before.   

While carrying out the role of Jang Minsoo that his fan could not stand to see it, through his eyes, he made the people feel his stinging side of life.  He had to give up himself  to protect the love.  How can the other perform the

role better than AJW as the heart of the people who watched the drama become really broken.

AJW's great performance as a man who should loose his love by cancer made this drama the one of the best

drama of AJW.


Kang Seok that AJW carried out was the man with no special character and protect the friends to lead them. The

role was the most character-free role ever and people was very much anxious about the personality of Kang Seok.

This drama was also the one that AJW enjoyed.


In this work, he took the role of scamp again.  Like he felt the interest in the role of  scamp who fell in love with a

lady and lived together with her, AJW carried out the situation like real.

The strongest point about AJW is being natural. That is why people could not think immediately that he is acting.

Even though somebody could show the intensity of act, but it would be very strange if you can guess your friends

show the same.  So, AJW is the talented actor who carries out the roles naturally, not like act for act like other

normal starts are trying to catch.   We can see his this kind of style through his role of Gong Soocheol.


This is the come-back piece of AJW  in 2003 from abroad that he carried out many kinds of characters which can

be collection of AJW's performance.  He performed very in detail to show clearly each and every character's personality.

Like he could finish the shooting of 10 min. self-dialogue with no mistake, we could understand his preparation for

the act and smart brain that someone mentioned him as a genius.  As all of the staffs admired AJW's capability

and his being natural in front of the cameras, it is estimated that up to the end of the drama, AJW showed not only

the role of swindler but also carried out much more than real swindler.  And most of papers mentioned

' No wonder AJW '



This is the first movie that AJW choose.  It is not said what AJW felt something attractive about the movie that young

rookie director Lee Seokun trying to bring out the post-modernism inside of him. But while carrying out the

cartoonist Cho Han  who became weary by daily emptiness of life,  AJW showed very weak cartoonist who is not



AJW was the man who became woman to love his friend's elder sister.  Even the female dress got the much attention, it has been estimated that AJW's eye expression was very excellent that he did the female dress and

stayed besides her to watch  and understand the woman for unaccepted love.  He tried his very best to act like

woman, even walking and hand use.  From this movie we could see his new try like Rub Love and AJW

got the award of Blue Dragon rookie with this movie.


The story is about the young loving couple who are not at good in expressing their love and exaggerated

photographer Han Kyunghyun was AJW.  Even though it is pity, AJW's act was still alive and he showed the worry

of young man clearly that love is not like math-calculation. The monologue in the telephone booth is very



AJW as the doctor Choi Ohseong who is afraid of people who are dying in various loves and lives showed the two

sides of person, avoidance and reluctant approach to the lady who is going against the death.   But the rough

production and editing disturb the AJw's full performances.



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