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AJW as actor and singer who is standing to the world with strong conviction and

plainness. Was born on  Sep. 12, 1971 ( by lunar calendar ) in very typical normal family as the first son.


Generally it seems that he lives with Korean typical moral responsibility of the first son as well as conservative way

of thinking. His campus life was full of pride that he tried very hard and never regretted the study of performance at

Seoul Art College.

During his time at school, he was the star in many plays, especially the final work " The Trial " was still said to

be the one that showed AJW's great capability. After graduation he insisted on being actor and started his career as

23rd MBC official TV talent in 1994 while most of his alumni made choice for the gag-men as the first career.


AJW as a TV personality

Very rarely as a rookie, in the first year of the career, he was the hero (blinded doctor Kang Youngwoo ) of the

special drama " Song of the blinded Birds " and made excellent performance to his partner Kim Hyesoo who is also big star which gave the people strong impression of the new great star.

Finally he received the MBC's TV talent rookie of the year with the work.  

Then,  he was college student Minsoo in Sunday morning drama " Mate " that became very popular as morning

drama which was very rare, too.  After that, he tried himself faithfully as the supporting role rather than the hero. Through out the works such as

" War and Love " which gave him the Best New Actor of BaekSang Art Award and

Best Actor of MBC, " Make Songs ", " Hotel " which gave him the dream of becoming singer,

and " Seasoned Mackerel ", " Their Embrace " which made a turning point of daily soap-opera,  he has

clearly but steadily shown his color.  And he got the opportunity of new turning point as well as getting get rid of

student-like image with the drama " The star is in my Heart " that Cha Inpyo and Choi Jinshil were co-starring.

As a heart broken Kang Min, he got the tremendous popularity for the natural and melancholy performance of delivering the pain of broken heart. With that, Finally took the heroine Yeoni in the drama.  This created a kind of syndrome and gave him unprecedented great popularity.     

From the drama "The star is in my Heart " which is said to be the first shot of Korean

Pop Boom in China, AJW has become today's AJW with the following works ;

Pop Boom in China, AJW has become today's AJW with the following works ;

Kang Joonho ?A good ?for-nothing in War and revenge1997

Jang Hyunwoo - Intellect and cold-blooded neurosurgeon doctor in " Sunflower " 1998

Jang Minsoo - Unlucky but ambitious young man of living with rich friend in " Good-bye My  Love" 1999

Kang Seok - Good young man who made bad guys as friends " Bad Guys " 2000

Kong Soochul - He definitely wanted to be this scamp despite of fan's argument  over the role

" Mom and Sister " 2001. This drama ended up as No. 1 program rating with more than 40% which was higher than impregnable history drama " King Geon " at that time.  

I Ten - As proceeded to China, he probably felt the limit of feeling delivery because of the language

White Apartment 2002

Jeong Jaekyung - the first appearance on SBC drama which confirmed the AJW itself with

no doubt " Angel and Swindler " 2003

AJW in movie was not as in TV.  When AJW got the high popularity with the drama

" The star is in my Hear ", he choose the experimental movie ' Rub Love ( 1997 )'

directed by rookie female director though he probably offered by many others.  

This movie that AJW said he expected it not to be successful was the movie that AJW

was even confused  as much as the director what the real message to the people.  

We can feel the very fresh way of thinking of AJW by this movie that he choose the first movie of his career not

by the popularity potential, but by his own clear subjectivity, no matter whether the director of the movie is rookie

or not.  


Just right after the big hits of two dramas on TV " The star is in my Heart""War of revenge",

he appeared on his second movie " JJIM (1998, Kim Hyesoo) " bearing the mind of

success and it become a topic of all the people's conversations that the story is that AJW was dressed in female

to love his friend's elder sister.  He was praised that he looked  better than real woman. Considering the situation

compare with nowadays, it could be said that the movie was very successful and it has the record of No. 1 hit movie in Vietnam at that time.

His third movie " Shall We Kiss ( 1998 Choi Jeewoo) " had really tremendous influence on AJW which can be said

to be the aghast to him.  Due to the disappointment from the movie, AJW lost the love for movie and kept himself

away from movie as well.  This caused him to stand back from movie field and put him in very difficult place in movie field.  

After returning from China, he started another movie  " Garden of Heaven(2003, Lee Eunjoo)"

This movie finally remained as another failed movie of AJW.  Even he started heroically, the direction of the

scenario was changed too much because of the production environment and the director of the movie was too

green.   But " Heavenly Garden " has the positive side that AJW has started the movie again.


So, AJW in movie was not good and the number of movies were a few. Therefore, it can be said that since it is now just beginning step and he received the estimation of best actor among the people, his clear and

bright performance in coming movie continuously would be the only but the best way to show

himself to people



The role of Kang Min in the " The star is in my Heart " has brought the time for the debut as a singer a bit earlier to

AJW who used to be a sincere actor.

His first album

" Forever"  made a great hit and placed No. 1 hit in every program.

But this gave AJW the big pressure so that AJW could not give his best efforts.

He introduced second album

" Memories " in the next year to start again as a singer and to make up for the

first album and did a first live concert.


 After that, third album " Thanks " has been introduced

but he temporarily stop being a singer to be a real sincere actor.


 Outside of Korea, with the sole concert in Peking 2000 as a starter, AJW excellently carried out the following

overseas concerts with passionate support and welcome of overseas' fans : Peking Combined Concert 2001 with

NRG for the start of Korean singers  concerts in China, ؽ Concert, ٥ Concert, Concert, Shanghai

Concert, Chinese Concert, Peking Olympic Campaign Concert, etc.......

While AJW carried out many concerts in abroad, he made many of happenings, first and best records as Korean

singer.  And he even got the very good public reputation that there was a questions about him in the college

entrance exam as well as he gave the very good impression to the parents of young fans of him and foreign reporters by his modesty and direct personality.

He introduced the 4th album " Reds in Anjaewook "

three after the 3rd album.  

This 4th album has songs that AJW's wrote by himself and he joined the production of this album from begin to the end. Especially, this 4th album with the title song of " Friend " got the tremendous popularity to bring the second best days to him that

the adapted song "Friend" harmonized with AJW's clear and husky voice made

great hit and stayed at No. 1 for the coloring of the mobile phone for a long time.  


The singer AJW carried out concerts in

Korea three times ( at the 2nd album in 1998, at the 3rd album in 1999 and just right before the 4th album in 2003 )

 Other activities - play, musicals............

He was the host of the programs such as ' Five grounds of the your ( TV, Kim Jeeho in 1995)' ' Invitation into the Night ( Radio, Park Sohyun, Lee Joono )

and Recharge 100 % ( TV in 1996 ).  And even it was not like his campus days, he joined some works like ' Revolution of 1 pyung' in 1996 and ' Free like butterfly ' in 1997 to

pursuit what he wanted and also joined some musicals like ' Baby, Baby ' in 1995 and ' Guys and Dolls '  in 1998  to show his instinct and capability.  

By the distribution of his fan club through the world, it can be surely proved that his outstanding performance as a

actor and capability as a singer can suit not only for Oriental feeling but for any other places of the world.

Even though he already stretched himself to outside of Asia, there must be many other things that AJW should quip

with himself and achieve.  

But his trustful characters of being serious make us look forward to his success.


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